Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquer Review *ALL SHADES*, Try-On and Swatches (Indian/Tan Skin)

The new Vivid Hot Lacquers from Maybelline are one of the biggest makeup launches at the drugstore this Summer. With "Lacquer" in the name, I expected these glosses to be super pigmented and ultra glossy. I am a huge fan of fully pigmented glosses, so these looked super promising. I picked up the entire collection to try on and swatch for you guys. If you want to know how these lip lacquers perform then keep on reading!

There are 12 shades in this collection. The nudes, pinks, and reds are all pretty versatile. They also included some really fun pops of color. The formula is very pigmented and comfortable but the quality varies from shade to shade. 

The wand on these lip lacquers is not ideal. I love this particular style of doe foot applicator for liquid lipsticks, but not for a gloss. The nice thing about this applicator is that there's a little well in the center that holds the product so that you don't have to keep dipping back into the tube. But the issue I have with this applicator is that it's very difficult to get a clean, crisp line around my lips. The formula is too slippery and the applicator doesn't allow me to carefully apply the product around my mouth.

The quality and opacity of these lacquers varies from shade to shade. All of the nude and light pink shades are very patchy, goopy, and thick. It takes several layers before I am able to build up the color, and even then my natural lip color peeks through. Every time I press my lips together the gloss and pigment shifts, exposing my lips underneath.

The nudes and light pinks are super unflattering on my skin tone. They wash me out and make the area around my mouth look gray and dark. I do not recommend any of these colors unless you have fair skin. But they might work better for some people if you use them with a lip liner. I also feel like these particular shades really accentuate the lines on my lips instead of minimizing them, which is not what I expect from a gloss. 



Too Cute


The berry tones of this collection are pretty good. The formula is a lot better than the nudes. They aren't as thick or goopy, and it only takes one layer to get full coverage. The shades are also universally flattering. One thing to keep in mind about these shades is that they leave a very prominent stain that lasts a really long time.

I like the shades "Sassy" and "Obsessed". "Sassy" is a very bright hot pink. It's a fun summertime color, that looks great on any skin tone. "Obsessed" looks like purple in the tube, but once applied it's a pretty berry shade that compliments my skin tone nicely. The shade "Slay It" was a miss for me. The color is a gorgeous deep berry and the formula feels nice on my lips. However, the color is patchy and it bleeds into the little lines around my mouth.

Top to Bottom: Sassy, Obsessed, Slay It



Slay It

The reds are definitely the stand out colors out of this collection. The formula for all of them is pretty solid and the colors are gorgeous. But these shades stain my lips so bad. Staining definitely helps with the longevity of the color, but it can also be annoying when you don't want that pigment on your lips anymore. 

The first shade I tried on, "So Hot", is a really beautiful orange red. I personally don't like the undertone of this shade on me, and I think it makes my teeth look yellow. BUT it's a beautiful shade for someone who is comfortable wearing these types of reds. I also recommend wearing this shade with a lip liner because it is not 100% opaque, and you can see my lip peeking through in the picture. 

I love the shade "Classic". Just like the name suggests, it's a beautiful classic red with a blue undertone. It looks amazing with my skin tone and it's the perfect statement lip. The color is fully opaque in one coat, and its very comfortable to wear. 

The last red toned color is "Retro". This color is the better version of "Slay It". "Retro" is a brownish red with a purple undertone, and "Slay It" is a super deep berry. But the difference is so minimal that they could pass for each other. If you want a shade like "Slay It" then I suggest you grab "Retro". It's almost the exact same color, but unlike "Slay it", "Retro" is fully pigmented and gorgeous.

Top to Bottom: So Hot, Classic, Retro

So Hot



The Vivid Lacquer collection also has two very fun pops of color. "Royal" is a true, rich purple that will work with any skin tone as long as you're confident enough to pull it off. Unfortunately the formula on this shade is a little patchy and the edges turn pink because it's very hard to get a crisp line around the edge with this applicator. "Major" shows up teal in swatches and in the tube, but it applies much deeper. It's not as patchy as "Royal", but this shade is definitely not for the faint of heart. Personally, I would pass on both of these shades not because of the formula, but because I don't see myself wearing these colors.  

Top to Bottom: Royal, Major



I was so excited for this summer launch, and I'm sad to say that it was pretty disappointing collection. I wish that there were more flattering nude shades with a better, more pigmented formula. The fun pops of colors are a hit or miss. Most of the colors were patchy and goopy. The only shades I can truly recommend are Sassy, Obsessed, Classic, and Retro.

I hope you guys enjoyed this in-depth review! Please leave your thoughts or ideas for future posts in the comments section down below. Thank you so much for reading and don't forget to subscribe!



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